the most innovative and exciting extension of your setup


  • Multi-effect audio Processor

  • Comprehensive, all in one solution for intricate rhythms Echo space and width.

  • Direct and immediate access to all the parameters with dedicated knobs.

  • True-stereo indipendent delay allowing you to create complex rhythmic patterns.  

  • Reverbs with Size and Resonance High-Pass filter - knob.

  • Double Resonant filter that can be morphed from low pass to high pass 

  • 4 Waveform Sync-able LFO

  • A full, four-channel (quadraphonic) system will reproduce the Left Front, Left Back, Right Front, and Right Back audio signals in each of four separate speakers. 

  • Mixer stage for DRY, WET and DPD

  • Assignable Foot Switch 

  • Tap Tempo

  • Intuitive OLED Display

  • USB or 5-pin MIDI interface

Finest Materials

Solid wood and metal.

Dedicated knobs.

Direct and immediate access to all the parameters

Ergonomic design

intuitive positioning of the knobs.

Supreme Audio Quality

24 bit -96kHhz Audio Converter

Setting Menu

allows customization


All in one solution 


RemindeЯ is available now.

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