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QUAD SWIRL - Beta Firmware

Reminder 1.26_8 - BETA 

  • the Quad Swirl feature is an experimental function, it is not present on the current firmware.It's a feature that probably won't be officially released for now.If you want to try it, you can test  the beta firmware that has this feature, but it is not optimized.

  • to test the rotary quadraphony, enter the menu, choose "OUTPUT ASSIGN", in the submenu, rotate until the rotary quadraphony screen appears

  • By turning the "DPD Position" encoder you can set the speed. If the speed is negative then the rotation will be counterclockwise. By keeping the same encoder pressed and rotating, the distance will change

  • The second rotation instead is set with the central encoder of the LFO (Rate/Destination)

Loopop tests the Quad swirl function at 22:00
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