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REmindEЯ Firmware update

Reminder 1.27 

  • The recognition of the midi clock (DIN and USB) is now instantaneous. ANALYZE word no longer appears during synchronization.

  • Added screen saver to safeguard the OLED display.

  • New reverb section. Now you will also find the possibility to create custom reverb presets. Once you enter the "REVERB" menu, choosing one of the customizable algorithms, you can select the parameter with the "SETTING" encoder and change the parameter with the "RATE / DESTINATION" encoder (LFO control unit)

  • Made L / R synchronicity in fractional modes more symmetrical.

  • Improved recognition of thresholds in "automatic modes" while in SYNC mode

  • Various improvements and bug fixes.

Reminder 1.25 

  • added foot switch threshold setting (you can find it in the "FOOT CONTROL" section)

  • modified algorithm between low pass to hi pass filter that generated a "sweep"

  • Added some destinations for the LFO

  • It is now possible to drop down to 0.1Hz in the LFO.

  • Added the possibility of resetting the LFO to a fixed starting point (simply press the "SETTING" encoder and the "DESTINATION" encoder simultaneously)

  • Various bug-fixes and improvements

Reminder 1.21 

  • Improvement in speed and accuracy of clock recognition from MIDI both USB and DIN

  • Now the first repetition of the WET delay is also heard with feedback = 0;

  • Fixed a problem on USB MIDI with some Windows systems.

  • Added possibility of setting the level threshold for automatic working modes.

  • Added the possibility to set the time-on for the two Fractionated working modes

  • Various improvements.

Reminder 1.19 

  • Fixed BUG operation of REVERB I / 0 switch

Reminder 1.18 

  • Fixed a USB AUDIO BUG

  • Fixed a BUG in midi sync. In some devices the clock is recognized but the time does not adapt to the new setting

  • it is now possible to go back in the menu by pressing the TAP key.

  • The last used setting of the MIDI CLOCK is saved and recalled at power on

  • improved display stability

  • Other improvements

Your feedback is very important for us. Following all your comments and indications, we will go ahead with updates to perfect more and more the device 


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