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REmindEЯ Firmware update macOS

•Download the LOADER UTILITY for macOS at this link

•Download the updated FIRMWARE at this link, and save it on the desktop

•Close all applications that may connect to REmindEЯ, such as Daw or other.

•Disconnect REmindEЯ from the MAC and all audio connections


•Open the TyTools application folder 

•Right click on "TyUpdater" and then choose "open"

tasto destro apri.png

•The TyUpdater application will open

apri comunque.png

•The TyUpdater application will open


•Now connect REmindEЯ  directly to the MAC without using a USB hub, using the USB cable supplied and wait for the TyUpdater program recognize it, indicating in the list of devices "REmindER Audio_Midi " and a string of numbers.

•Click on the Upload button and look for the updated firmware on the desktop. The name of the file will be of the type Reminder_HW_C1_FW_0_909.hex


•The new firmware will automatically load in few seconds.
•At the end of the update, Reminder will restart. The new firmware is correctly installed

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