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The first sequencer manipulator
to generate autofills using lines and vectors

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With DeFeel we have redesigned and applied the Fill concept to make it usable in the world of modular synthesizers. 

Our device is designed to break the chain between the sequencer and everything that comes after it, allowing you to intervene at the right time and create unique variations.

A modular device that's not going to generate anything, but is created to degenerate the monotony.

Stylish and functionale
DeFeel isn't about complex button presses or cryptic menus. Here, creativity reigns supreme. Design your rhythmic patterns with an intuitive touch. Simple lines and vectors come to life on the multitouch display, allowing you to experiment and craft unique sequences with remarkable ease.

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Creating angular, raw organic fills that inject a unique energy into your workflow and spark inspiration

With DeFeel, we offer musicians and performers a powerful and versatile tool to enrich their performances and compositions. With its intuitive programming, sleek design, and innovative translucent panel, DeFeel stands out as a unique device poised to revolutionize the way modular synthesizers are used and perceived.

What's the "Fill" that DeFeel wants to degenerate?
A short rhythmic sequence that is inserted between musical phrases to create variation and add interest to the performance. Fills can be used to signal an impending transition in a song, such as moving from a verse to a chorus, or to add dramatic emphasis at specific moments.

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Innovation at its Finest

DeFeel disrupts the traditional signal flow between your sequencer and the rest of your modular rig. This ingenious design empowers you to intervene at key moments, injecting unique rhythmic variations that breathe life into your music. It's a whole new way to interact with your modular system, venturing into previously unexplored sonic territories.

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Key points

  • Capacitive multitouch display

  • 2 indipendent lines of gate and cv outputs

  • Variant and robability mode

  • XY pad mode

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