the most innovative and exciting extension of your setup

Dubfilre is a techno DJ and producer. Prior to his solo career, Dubfire made up half of the four times nominated and Grammy Award-winning duo, Deep Dish

Martin Buttrich is famous

as fluent behind a mixing

console as he is in front of

a virtual drum kit.

is now available

the most innovative and exciting extension of your setup

revolutionizes the method of

using audio effects allowing the user,

professional or amateur, to break the creative

boundaries of the instruments currently on the market.

From the simple use to give color or modify the sounds,

we move on to a real sound composition system based on the

creativity that RemindeЯ can give back to the user thanks to the substantial rhythmic and harmonic increase it produces.

RemindeЯ is an incredibly powerful multiprocessor of effects

with a strong ability to stimulate the user's creativity.

Its sophisticated retro-futuristic soul and its powerful

processor offer a completely revolutionary point

of view on classic effects (Echo Space, Delay,

Filters and Reverbs) with supreme 

audio quality.

in action


- Comprehensive, all-in one solution far intricate rhythms Echo space and width

- Direct and immediate access to all parameters with dedicated knobs

- True-stereo indipendent delay allowing you to create complex rhythmic patterns  

- Reverbs with Size and Resonance HiPass filter - knobs

- Double Pulse Delay

- Double Resonant filter that can be morphed from low pass to high pass 

- 4 Waveform Sync-able LFO

- A full, four-channel (quadraphonic) system reproducing the Left  Front, Left Back, Right Front, and Right Back audio signals in each of four separate speaker

- Mixer stage for DRY, WET and DPD

- Assignable Foot Switch

- Tap Tempo

- Intuitive OLED Display

- USB or 5-pin MIDI interface IN, OUT and THRU

- Supreme Audio Quality - 24 bit -96Khz Audio Converter

- Powered by USB 


Behind Remider's smart and elegant design, it hides the essence of the meticulous study of the position of each individual knob and the relationship between the functions assigned to them. The contact with REmindEЯ will be remarkably surprising, and, since the first touch, you will see the simplicity of access to the desired function even when your gaze is turned to your synth in the studio, to the rest of your live set up  or to the dance floor. The design is so incredibly intuitive that you can easily reach what you need at any time and place, making the perfomers bring out all their creativity.


We at Enjoy Electronics come from the same world, we are Djs, Live performers, sound designers and it is exactly for this reason that we have succeeded in creating a device that is unique in its kind, intuitive and stimulating.



REmindEЯ is equipped with 4 output channels. In order to take advantage of all the quadraphonic possibilities, you can assign different effects to different output channels.


RemindeЯ from Enjoy Electronics provides effects for synths

The debut product from the Italian company puts synth effects on your desktop




can “transform any signal

(even monophonic), in a powerful, expressive and immersive stereophonic or even quadraphonic experience.”


Reminder could be a gourmet effects box that you won't forget in a hurry

Made from solid wood and metal, this is billed as “an all-in-one solution for intricate rhythms, echo space and width”



Rhythmisches quadrophonisches Multieffektgerät

ENJOY Electronics RemindeЯ aus Italien haben einen Effektboliden am Start



Desktop Hardware Processor For Classic FX

RemindeR offers echo, delay, filters and reverb

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