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Firmware update WINDOWS PC - 1.25

Reminder 1.25 

  • added foot switch threshold setting (you can find it in the "FOOT CONTROL" section)

  • modified algorithm between low pass to hi pass filter that generated a "sweep"

  • Added some destinations for the LFO

  • It is now possible to drop down to 0.1Hz in the LFO.

  • Added the possibility of resetting the LFO to a fixed starting point (simply press the "SETTING" encoder and the "DESTINATION" encoder simultaneously)

  • Various bug-fixes and improvements

Reminder 1.21 

  • Improvement in speed and accuracy of clock recognition from MIDI both USB and DIN

  • Now the first repetition of the WET delay is also heard with feedback = 0;

  • Fixed a problem on USB MIDI with some Windows systems.

  • Added possibility of setting the level threshold for automatic working modes.

  • Added the possibility to set the time-on for the two Fractionated working modes

  • Various improvements.

Reminder 1.19 

  • Fixed BUG operation of REVERB I / 0 switch

Reminder 1.18 

  • Fixed a USB AUDIO BUG

  • Fixed a BUG in midi sync. In some devices the clock is recognized but the time does not adapt to the new setting

  • it is now possible to go back in the menu by pressing the TAP key.

  • The last used setting of the MIDI CLOCK is saved and recalled at power on

  • improved display stability

  • Other improvements

More Info.png

1•Download the LOADER for

      for Windows 7 - 32bit  at this link

      for Windows 7 - 64bit  at this link

      for Windows 8/10 - 32bit  at this link

      for Windows 8/10 - 64bit  at this link

2•Download the updated FIRMWARE at this link, and save it on the desktop

3•Disconnect REmindEЯ from the PC and all audio connections

4•Install the LOADER by double clicking.

5•A screen may appear warning that you are installing software downloaded from internet 

6•If it happens, click on «MORE INFO»

7• click «RUN ANYWAY»

Run Anyway.png

8•The following screen will appear, press «NEXT»


9•To proceed with the installation it will be necessary to read and accept the license conditions, and press  NEXT button


10•Accept the recommended installation path or change it and press NEXT and INSTALL


11•Once the installation is complete, press "FINISH" button



13•Close all applications that may connect to REmindEЯ, such as Daw or other.

14•Open the TyUpdater application which you will find in the program menu, click TyTools and then TyUpdater

start menu.png

15•The TyUpdater application will open


16•Now connect REmindEЯ to the PC, without using a USB hub, using the USB cable supplied and wait for the TyUpdater program recognize it, indicating in the list of devices "REmindER Audio_Midi " and a string of numbers.

17•Click on the Upload button and look for the updated firmware on the desktop.

The name of the file will be of the type Reminder_HW_C1_FW_0_911.hex


18•The new firmware will automatically load in few seconds.
19•At the end of the update, Reminder will restart. The new firmware is correctly installed

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