Enjoy Electronics

born in ltaly from the passion for music, technology and design of its visionary founders, is a young company that wants to support artists, producers, musicians and live DJ's to generate, elaborate and manipulate electronic sounds. The continuous research and development, the elegant design, the obsessive attention to details and the quality of materials are Enjoy Electronics guidelines for the design, the construction and the introduction of innovative, incredibly stimulating and high performing audio solutions. 


Here's to you 

lts sophisticated retro-futuristic soul and its powerful processor is a completely revolutionary point of view on the classic effects like Echo Space, Delay, Filters and Reverbs, with superlative sound quality. 

Explore its endless creative possibility with the eight shooting modes, with the LFO modulations; immerse your sound in FREEVERB evocative settings and abandon yourself to the DOUBLE PULSE DELAY bounces (it adds two independent delay lines to the main delay). RemindeЯ becomes the most innovative and exciting extension of your musical instrument, transforming any signal (even monophonic), in a powerful, expressive and immersive stereophonic or even QUADRAPHONIC experience. 

The intricate sound effects can be obtained in an extremely intuitive way thanks to the keyboard of every function and control. 

The OLED display is really functional thanks to the minimal geometry, thought and designed to previde, at every glance, an immediate validation of the current programming of the device and its status. 

RemindeЯ throw your setup forwards singular sound trips in remote and unexplored rhythmic and harmonic universes.

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