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Enjoy Electronics

born in ltaly from the passion for music, technology and design of its visionary founders, is a young company that wants to support artists, producers, musicians and live DJ's to generate, elaborate and manipulate electronic sounds. The continuous research and development, the elegant design, the obsessive attention to details and the quality of materials are Enjoy Electronics guidelines for the design, the construction and the introduction of innovative, incredibly stimulating and high performing audio solutions.



Like many of music electronic addicts, we spent a good part of our life in our studio, surrounded by machines, synths, drum machines, controllers, effects and various softwares. You can own them or desire them all but you will always need to looking for that particular thing that will give harmony and character to your setup.

In our case, we searched in vain for a hardware multi-effect with immediate access to all the parameters, beautiful, comfortable and intuitive, to be used in live performance but able to stimulate extremely creative results even in the studio.

Having found nothing on the market that matched what we were looking for, we decided to develop it as I have been an electronics designer for over 10 years.

During the months of development, new functions born and many of them are not reproducible with any configuration or other tools on the market already.

The encounter with key persons of music electronic world, their love at first sight with RemindeЯ projected us into the idea of ​​making it available to all those who, like us, want to explore innovative rhythmic and harmonic results.  

Enjoy team finally exhibited the prototype at the SUPERBOOTH in Berlin

The amazement in the eyes of those who tried it was the demonstration that RemindeЯ is a unique product that should be available all over the world.

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